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Treasures of Gobi & Khangai

Tour info

Tour code: OGC-15
Days in the countryside: 15 full days
Season: May 15 – Sep 15
Number of participants:  min 2
Transportation:  4x4 WD vehicle
Driving distance: 2600 km

Highlights & Activity

Highlights: Terkh White lake, Khorgo- the  extinct volcano, Tsenkher hot spa, Orkhon waterfall, Kharkhorin - the ancient capital of Mongol Empire & Erdenezuu monastery, Elsen Tasarhai & mountain of Hugno Khaan, Longest sand dunes of Khongoryn els, ice gorge of  Yolyn Am, Red flaming cliffs of  Bayanzag,  mountain- Baga Gazryn Chuluu, stone temple ruins of  Sum Khukh Burd, White cliffs of Tsagaan Suvarga.
Acitivity: Experiencing of Mongolian Two-humped Bactrian camel,  horse riding, hiking, swimming, climbing sand dunes, visiting nomadic herder family.
Tip: Almost everyday evening it’s possible to see sunset, sunrise, Gobi mirage and thousands of stars at night sky.

Brief IT:

Day 1. Arrival Ulaanbaatar.
 Day 2. Baga Gazrying Chuluu- the granite rock formation
Day 3.  White Stupas of Tsagaan Suvarga
Day 4. Yollyn Am, Gobi national Park.
Day 5. Longest sand dunes of Khongoryn Els. 
Day 6.   Nomad family and experience Camel riding.
Day 7. Red Flaming cliffs of Bayanzag
Day 8. Famous ruins of ONGI temple
Day 9. Visit Orkhon waterfall and  short horse riding.
Day 10. Karakorum- ancient capital of Mongol Empire  
Day 11.  Tsenkher hot spa.
Day 12Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park
Day 13. A full day excursion to Khorgo mountain - the extinct volcano.
Day 14. Visit Taikhar Rock near Tamir river.
Day 15. Sand dunes of  Elsen Tasarhai
Day 16. Journey to Ulaanbaatar
Day 17. Departure Mongolia

Itinerary & map    

Day 1,2.
Arrive Mongolia and we will pick you up and transfer to your hotel. Available city tour on request.  Next morning, the tour will start with a drive to the mountain ranges of Baga Gazrying Chuluu- the granite rock formation. On the way, tour will stop and walk to fascinating Khairhan mountain and see wild nature & steppe. The tour ends the day with overnight stay at the traditional ger tourist camp.
Day 3
After breakfast, tour will visit the Sum Khukh Burd – the ruins of stone temple dating back to the 10th century and then it will continue drive to White cliifs of Tsagaan Suvarga, which is 30 meters high white limestone formations. Overnight stay at the ger tourist camp.
Day 4
Trip to the deep into the mountains of Yolyn Am, one of Gobi’s main national park, located amongst the tallest mountains in the Gobi. There, you will do a walking tour in the wildlife and see the remaining extraordinary ice of streaming. After the day, there will be an overnight stay in the ger tourist camp.
Day 5.
Drive to most magnificent sand dunes of the Gobi Desert called Khongoryn Els “The Singing Dunes”. There, you will enjoy walking, climbing to the top of the sand dunes and in the evening, you will able to watch the stunning sunset. Day 5 ends with staying at another ger tourist camp.
Day 6
This day will involve a visit to the camel breeding nomadic family and see their everyday life. Experience riding Two-humped Bactrian camel for 1 hour. Short driving and hiking to an interesting landscape of “Wolf Shelter”, walk through the Saxaul forest in the sand dune, where you can see wildlife animals such as gazelle, fox, birds and wolves. You have choice to stay at overnight ger or tent.
Day 7
We will take you to the famous Red Flaming cliffs of Bayanzag, where early discoveries of many dinosaur eggs were found. Also, there will be a walking tour along the young Saxaul trees in the sand dunes. The day will end with overnight stay in a very comfortable traditional ger tourist camp.
Day 8
The tour takes you to the famous ruins of ONGI monastery, which was destroyed by communists in 1930s. Tour includes a visit to the local museum and a overnight stay at the ger tourist camp.
Day 9.
 After breakfast drive to and  visit Orkhon waterfall of Ulaan Tsutgalan.  Overnight in ger camp.
Day 10.
We will be driving to the ancient capital city of Mongolia (12-13th Century) where you can visit the Karakorum museum,  Erdenezuu monastery, turtle rock and  territory statue of Mongol Empire of Genghis  Khaan. Overnight in ger tourist camp.
Day 11.
The tour will take you to the Tsenkher hot spa, where you can relax and swim in the spa which contains rich of mineral natural salts. On the way Visit Zayin Gegeenii museum.   Enjoy hiking in breathtaking fresh air, see beautiful nature and surrounding breath-taking scenery with forested mountain ranges.
Day 12.
This day starts a visit to Terkh White lake, which was formed by lava flows from volcanic eruption many million years ago. The tour includes walking along the shore and swimming in Terkhiin Tsagaan pond is perfect way to end the day – you will also be given optional fishing.
Day 13.
A full day excursion to the top of Khorgo mountain - the extinct volcano, on the way you will see a cave named of “ Hell of yellow dog”. There is an optional trek by horse to Khorgo-the extinct volcano. Afterwards, you will pay a visit nomads family to see their everyday life. Eat Mongolian traditional meal with the nomads.
Day 14. On the this day, we will visit the Taikhar Chuluu - Enormous Rock formation in the steppe and river Ikh Tamir. Overnight in ger camp.        
Day 15.
In the morning, we will head to beautiful Sand dunes of  Elsen Tasarhai, where you can walk and see beautiful  landscape, combination of  sand dune and mountain ranges of Hugnu-Khaan. Afterwards, the tour will take you to visit a nomadic family and you will be given a chance to ride the central Asia’s famous “two humped Bactrian camel”. Overnight in nomads ger.
Day 16. Early morning drive to Ulaanbaatar and transfer your hotel.
Day 17. Transfer to airport/ train station for your departure Mongolia.


Date & Price

April 15- Oct 15
Tour price from 2780 usd


  1. All activities described in the itinerary
  2. Accommodation: Twin shared comfortable ger tourist camp (with hot shower, bathroom, bedding, towel, restaurant)
  3. Full board: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ( Mongolian/European meal)
  4. Bottled water 1,5 liter p.p. daily in the Gobi
  5. English speaking Experienced Gobi guide 
  6. 4x4 wheel drive vehicle with experienced local driver in the Gobi
  7. Admission tickets for museums & National Parks
  8. Two-humped camel  riding for 1 hour
  9. Horse riding for 1 hour
  10. Airport transfers
  11. Tax, VAT


  1. International & Domestic air fare
  2. Hotel  & other expenses in Ulaanbaatar
  3. Camera, video permits inside the museums and temples.
  4. Alcoholic drinks & beverages
  5. Passport, visa & visa services
  6. Laundry  service and items of a personal nature
  7. Travel insurance
  8. Tips and gratuities
  9. Anything  not mentioned in the included part
2780 USD   Хэвлэх

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