About Us

GobiTours is a licensed inbound local tour operator of South Gobi, Mongolia, specialized long and short package tours in the South Gobi Desert and other destinations Mongolia since 2000. With over 17 years of experience, we aim to fulfill travelers dream and expectations.

Our team. We train our guides, drivers through specific courses and they are experienced in 5-16 years. GobiTours is only partner with carefully selected hotels and ger tourist camps with international standards.

We are proud to have exhibited successfully in WTM, London and Travel Cruise, Sweden in 2012.
Our mission is to respect and adore our clients to fulfill their dreams and expectations by providing responsible, sustainable high-quality tours in Mongolia and as well as globally.
Our Social Responsibility.

We are proud to be a partner of a charitable organization called Yamaa Trust, based in the UK, which helps to improve living conditions of people in the Gobi Desert and has implemented many projects in local hospitals and schools.

Discover Mongolia with Locals of Gobi Desert!

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July 22-25: Gobitour 4day/3night
July 23-27: Gobitour 5day/4night
July 28-31: Gobitour 4day/3night
Aug 24-27: Gobitour 4day/3night
Aug 28-31: Gobitour 4day/3night

Khongoryn els Gobi Tour- 4days
Every Thursday: May 15- Sep 15
Khuvsgul Lake Tour- 3days
Every Monday: May 15- Sep 15

Discount conditions
  • 5% off before 15 April!
  • 30% off for child aged 3-7  
  • 25% off airfare child aged 3-7
  • 40% off for tour leader for 10-15 pax
  • 100% off by 16 and more