Testimonials from our Travelers

" At the outset I would like you ( Mina/Ekyukta) and your website visitors to know that we had a very good trip to Gobi through Gobi Tours. When I booked the tour through you, just by visiting your site and then speaking to you, and with no other reference, I knew we aware taking a big chance....but that proved to be worth every bit. The personalised treatment that you and you team gave us all from the time we alighted from the train from Irkust till we departed from UB for back home in India , was very touching and sincere, and made all the difference. When we requested for luxury Ger camps, in each of the traditional overnight stops, we did discover that what you arranged were the very best. I must say that the husband wife driver/guide combo that you got us , with a very good and reliable 4 wheel 8 seater , were all very great. They gave us such personality treatment that it was overwhelming.

On return from UB to Gobi,  for the local tour ,and for all our small needs including local Sims, your colleague was extremely helpful and outstanding. You have  a good team and you put together a good guide and driver, and each Ger Camp manger also provided us special care, which is not easy given that we had several vegetarians with us and several had requests for meat curries. We could make out that you were personally in touch with every Ger camp manager during every part of our Gobi trip.

You modestly state that you are doing mainly economy tours for Gobi, but I think you have handled our high end luxury tour need, as requested by us, extremely well, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends or others. 

Keep it up......best rest ...regards ..Deepak Pahwa"

2017 India 



Thank you very much again for an awesome time in Mongolia!

It was very nice and I"am glad I got to see it! All my friends who have seen the photos have been absolutely impressed.

Keep up the great work and thank you very much again for organizing everything at such short

notice as well as helping us out with our delayed flight back to UB!

Thank you!!!!

Daniela from Germany


We were very satisfied with the tour - Boyna and the driver were both excellent.

Boyna is especially good with kids and she and my daughter got along very well.

Thank you for the efficient organization!

Jonathan Woetzel

Steve Scharf

The tour in the Gobi was excellent.

Both our guide Huyaga and our driver Baagii were just what we were hoping for.

Huyaga’s English was very good and he was quite friendly and easy-going.

The tour was exactly as we had expected, with no hidden costs or fees along the trip

(which can often be a big problem on organized tours).

The description of the trip on the website and from email discussions before the trip was quite accurate and honest.

Overall we were very pleased with Gobitours and would certainly recommend them to anyone

else thinking of taking a similar tour.

It was probably the highlight of our time in Mongolia.

Thanks again,

Steve Scharf

Magdalene Ho

As I mentioned to Maggie, we enjoyed our trip very much.

Generally, both Bagii (driver) and Chulka were very good.

Some specific comments:-

Bagii (Driver)

- very knowledgeable about the roads + people + locations

- he brought us to "special" sites not known to other tour groups and we saw some interesting

sights and fossils

- knows a lot of the nomadic families around the region and we were able to visit some of them

(not on schedule) and try our hands on milking goats + tasting the various milk products

- was able to sight animals (like ibex, deers from afar and alerting us for photo opportunities)

- very experienced, responsible and safe driver

Chulka (Guide)

- was able to gel with the locals very well, so we were able to ask the nomadic families various questions and understand their daily life/ culture better

- Enthusiastic + happy personality which made the whole trip enjoyable

- would try her best to see that our requests are met (eg, I wanted to milk a goat + ride a horse,

both of which were not on schedule but we managed to do them)

We are thinking of perhaps doing another trip next year, to the western mongolia region. If you

have any tours there, do let me know as well.




We visited Mongolia in June 2013 and chose Gobi Tours as our agent on the ground for the Gobi

leg of the tour.

We found all the staff to be extremely friendly and personable, one of my friends left her camera

in the Gobi desert and it was miraculously returned to her on the following flight, which we were

all very thankful for!

The trip to the Gobi desert was quite breath taking – sand dunes and camels one day and ice

valleys the next.

It was quite an adventure. We all really warmed to our guide who was very knowledgeable and protective of us all.

Thanks Gobi Tours for a memorable and once in a lifetime experience!

Kind regards,



We had a wonderful time in Mongolia. I"ll just list out some feedback:

- Zolo was an excellent guide - very good English and knowledgeable.

- Bagi was an excellent driver -- amazing actually given the rain we had some days and the

rivers it deepened and even created in the flood plains.

- the quality of the service from the hosts/workers at the ger camps and the cleanliness of

the gers on our central tour was good - definitely met expectations - the one at Taikhar Rock

was definitely the best (it exceeded our expectations on all counts).

- the guide and driver on the Gobi tour were good too

- all the ger camps and food in the Gobi were excellent -- we were expecting more the level

of the central tour and so were very pleasantly surprised as they are more luxurious.

- we found the pace of both tours to be just right - not too fast or slow...enough time to relax

and do some hiking in each place.

You have a beautiful country and wonderful helpful people -- we thoroughly enjoyed our tours

and your county.

Best regards,


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